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I am not sure if this is popular or widely used enough to warrant it's own session but my company was recently looking for an easy, relative cheap. remote helpdesk solution and we found what is called Ammyy Admin. It is very easy to use and to connect to remote devices. The only thing that is getting annoying is that each device has it's own "Computer ID" and these ID's are becoming harder to mange as we keep adding clients/servers. I have recently discovered your RDM software and I don't know how ever I lived without it. Possibly adding Ammyy Admin would be amazing. If you have never heard of it, it is similar to Team Viewer in how you connect and how it works under the hood. Again, if I am the only one who has asked for this I understand just ignoring this request haha. But check it out if it sounds like something you would like in your program -
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do you know that you can integrate it with the command line session, just add the command line parameter and assign the icon. This is a workaround useful if you want it now. I checked this morning and I added this tool to my todo list in the AddOn category. The next version (already in beta) contains an SDK and I thnik that this application can be added as an AddOn to Remote Desktop Manager.

Thank you for comments.

David Hervieux
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David Hervieux


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