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Horizontal bar as an entry to make some sorting

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the best way to help you understand what i mean is a picture:

divider Bar

is a connections used as a bar. maybe there is a way to implement this as entry?

organizing connections ist not easy. i got vm-servers, physical servers and like to have a simple overview of them all.
i created the rdp connections as main entry for windows systems and ssh entry as main entry for unix. everything else is subconnection.
now i would like to have some flat overview of all. but still with a little bit of grouping. this is why i use this bar.

also some example of how to organize connections would be cool smile

greetings - max

Clock7 yrs

I don't see a better way with the current UI framework we have

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

Hi David,

what about a little feature to make an entry bold?

maybe something like "%bold% myEntry"?

Clock7 yrs

If I do that, it could be confusing with an opened session. Do you have another idea?

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

mhm, maybe a checkbox near the advanced -> sorting priority?

Clock6 yrs