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I am just revisiting this software again and I have a question about design/usage.

Is it expected that users will be using the RDM locally, have RDMS installed, and use the client on a workstation to connect to the .db on RDMS? Or is it expected that users will be connecting directly to the RDMS?

My ideal design for this would be RDM -> RDMS -> to a pre-created SQL instance on another server. Instead of being setup as SA, I would want to use an AD service account that was a dbo on that instance. Would that work just fine?
edited by Chaddd on 1/17/2013

Clock8 yrs

Hi Chaddd,
You need to configure RDMS to access the database with a pre-defined and fix user. This could be another user than sa. All the authentication is done in RDMS with the AD. This means that you don't need to give access to the database to any user and you don't need to enabled the database remote access. Is this what you want?

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs