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IPAM type report or view

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Wouldnt it be good if RDM had a IPAM type view, lists all the IPs (and grouped by networks) that entries in RDM uses? If FQDN is entered as hostname it should resolv it to a IP so that can be placed into right subnet view also?

And if possible, let user enter subnet mask för all different IP's seen in the database so that the IP adress and added subnet info makes up a IPAM light build right into RDM.


Clock4 yrs

I will add this to our todo list. We will have to analyse your request before. Do you have an example from another product to help us or some guideline?

David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs

Hey David

An IPAM Report/view would be great!! Especially since all devices would be in RDM. Right now I'm using a free web based IPAM named phpipam. I'm currently finding myself entering information in both locations and creates a lot more work.

Phpipam is pretty ok'ish in features but gets the job done. It would be great if RDM could have a feature like this built in.

Clock3 yrs