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Any guidance for creating AWS EC2 powershell query for sessions?

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Related to another question I submitted.... but focused on powershell. Using AWS powershell tools, has anyone successfully created a powershell script to populate a list of sessions from the returned results with whatever credential from the repository I assign via logic?

Basically, I have 2 sets of ip groups, one for testing and one for production. I don't need every Instance either. I want to run the query, create sessions from the filtered lists that now show the Name, have the IP populated (as they change when rebooted), and assigned a credential based on the ip match I use.

This would allow me to sync a session folder and drop all sessions and recreate based on the new results.

The AWS EC2 console has the potential, but I don't see anyway to preset a filter, or even assign logic for credentials chosen when quick connect is used.

Clock4 yrs

as I hinted in the response to your other post, I would simply use the AWS SDK to get the list of machines, create csv files with that. Then use our CSV synchronizers to create sessions under appropriate folders.

The logic to handle duplicates, manage deletions, moves, etc, is already built-in our synchronizers. I believe its best to let that job to them.

Your credential selection would be done by inheritance based on the folder that will be the destination of the csv synchronizers, one each for dev/prod

Please consult for details on the synchronizer settings.

Maurice Côté


Clock4 yrs

perfect that's really helpful. I've been stuck on a few things, but based on your great help and fast response I'll try using the forum to better figure some of it out if I can figure it out from help file. thanks!

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