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Yearly reminder

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I would like to add reminders to the entries similar way than in the Windows Scheduler or Calendar in Outlook. For example: yearly reminder than repeat every year, or monthy reminder etc.. I have many domain with yearly expiration date and I would like to receive notification every year about the expiration.
Thank you!

Clock4 yrs

It's possible to set an expiration like you know but you can also open the notification view to see the notification. So from what I understand you would like to get a message dialog?


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs


Yes it is possible to set a static date, but I need an expiration date that repeat every year. For example:

I have an entry and I set the expiration date to 2016.04.01.

But I would like to receive a notification in
automatically (so every year). In real life this is a renewal date.

The type of the notification is good in popup window or in notifiation panel too.

Thank you!

Clock4 yrs