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Edit vs. Properties menu

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Hi Devolutions,

In RDM there is an Edit menu and a Properties menu which are essentially the same.
We have users which are allowed to change an entry and other users that are only allowed to open/view an entry.
The users that can only open/view an antry, cannot view all the details of an entry (for example the SAPgui SystemNo).

The Edit vs. Properties menu is also mentioned by Christian/Xanacas in thread
The solution mentioned is to remove the properties menu.

My counter-suggestion is to make the properties read-only and available to everyone.
The edit option can stay as it is.

This way, there is a possibility for non-change users to view all the information.


Clock4 yrs

I will add a feature request but it's not simple. We will have to modify all the property sections to support the read-only mode.


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs

Hi David,

I did not imagine it would be hard to do. I do not know the inside of RDM so I may very well be thinking too easy.
Just thinking, what would happen if you only enable the properties option in the menu for everyone, including people with view only-rights?
Maybe a user could then get the usual properties popup but get an error when trying to modify something.
If this doesn't help, I'll let you figure it out.


Clock4 yrs