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Set Password Generator default settings for all users

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I want to set the default settings for the Password generator for all my RDM users. Is it possible to force this upon them or to set their Default template's values.

Length: 12
Upper-case (2)
Lower-case (2)
Digits (2)
Minus (1)
UnderScore (1)

This is to make a Very Strong password while avoid characters that are typically problematic entered in configs, external websites, etc.

Clock4 yrs


For Advanced Data Sources, it is available in the Data source settings (in the administration tab)

We do not have discrete indicators for Minus and underscore though


Maurice Côté


Clock4 yrs

that only forces new passwords added to the data source, rather than each users default generated passwords thought?

We receive a mix o 3rd party generated passwords and ones we generate ourselves. We have no control over 3rd party generated ones and need to store whatever they give us. However our own generated ones I want to ensure are secure.
Knowing most of our users they will just use the default Password Generator settings, so this seemed the easiest way to encourage strong password generation.

Clock4 yrs

maybe I should log an enhancement request for the Password Generator to remember the minimum number of each type in addition to remembering which character types are remembered.

ie: open Password generator and make sure Space is not ticked. Close and re-open it and tick "Space", set it to 1. Close and re-open Password Generator and Space will remain ticked, but the 1 will be lost.

Clock4 yrs