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Google Authenticator at the Account Level

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Would it be possible to have the Google Authenticator be at the account level rather than the machine level for team based installs?
The last thing I want to do is have a whole bunch of different Google Authenticator accounts for each VM I have RDM installed on. (I run a VM per client as a consultant, this helps to deal with different VPN client requirements)

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It's possible to configure Google Authenticator at the user level using Devolutions Server as your backend data source

What type of data source are you using?

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I'm using Microsoft SQL, is there a way to do it there? If so, how would that be done?

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I see an option to set 2 factor at the database level, but my problem is that the Google Authenticator Code is generated as soon as you click save and it cannot be cancelled. This is a problem because I'd like to distribute an .rdd file that team-mates will use to connect with, they will supply their own username/passwords as this functionality works I would also like them to be able to have their own Authenticator token. However I did want to lock down the .rdd file so that its not edited other than the username/password.

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