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Move all RDP connections from one folder to another

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Hello Devolutions Team,

I'm trying to move all my RDP connections inside "folder A" into "folder B" after a check was successful.

Could you help me out?
How do I move RDP connections with PS?

Thanks in advance

Clock4 yrs

Hello Steffen,

Just be sure to replace Folder A and Folder B with the full path of these group folders (i.e. "Company X\Folder A").

$sessions = Get-RDMSession

foreach ($sess in $sessions) {

# Test if it is not the Group Folder itself!
if ( $sess.Group -eq "Folder A" -and $sess.Name -ne "Folder A" {

# Test if it is a RDP Connection
if ($sess.ConnectionType -eq "RDPConfigured") {
Set-RDMSessionProperty -ID $sess.ID -Property "Group" -Value "Folder B"

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


Clock4 yrs

I havent tested this yet.
It ll take a few weeks to give you the feedback.

Clock4 yrs