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Export privilege also blocks Save As button

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We are using the functionality of the export privilege to keep users from exporting the complete contents of our RDM database. Removing this privilege also blocks the access to the "Save as" button for documents. As we are using the RDM database to store our certificates this makes it difficult to install the certificates on servers after storing them in the RDM database.
Blocking the "Save as" button does not seem logical for documents anyway. The user is able to open the document and can save it from the application that opens the document. And in the mean time it is stored in the temp folder where it could also be copied. The latter option i'm using at the moment to retrieve the certificates.
We do not want to give the export privilege to everyone but we do want our users to be able to save individual documents. I would suggest to enable the "Save as" button even when a user does not have the Export Privilege. The other option would be to implement more fine-grained control over the export functionality but I think that would be a lot of work. Or is there any other way to keep users from exporting everything while still having the posibility to save individual documents?
Wouter Berman

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Just a quick note to let you know that we have seen this and will discuss it at our next meeting.

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Maurice Côté


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