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I just have a quick question.

I can see that there are different commands that seems to do the same. I had a problem that i removed a session with Remove-RDMSession. Then i ran Get-RDMSession it was not there. Then i looked in the GUI, then the session was still there. Then i ran Get-RDM-Session it saw the session.

Are some of the commands legacy, what is the commands to use?

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hi Thomas,
the ones with "-RDM-" (the second dash) are depricated. Why it did see the removed session doesn't really make sense to me.

Please have a look at the online help:


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@ Guenther was faster than me, but I was looking in the code to have full details wink

The legacy ones mostly have a extra '-' in their names. They are listed in

In our current case, both Get-RDMSession and Get-RDM-Session do exactly the same thing, what's not documented clearly is that they use the cache.

With your description, I cannot see if you had a RDM opened and the sequence of events, but I suspect that this was the case.

To ensure your powershell script has the latest data, we currently have to use Update-RDMUI, which does more than update the UI in fact it resets the cache as well....

We will soon be starting work on a true PowerShell module, I have a long list of items to improve

Maurice Côté


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