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PS function to change --> open External

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Hello Devolustions Team,

I m using PS to import my RDPs everyday and it works great.
Here is a code snippet:

$RDPitem.Host= $Adresse
$RDPitem.Description = "$Version // BS:$BS"
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.CustomField1Title= "Standort//Abschnitt"
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.CustomField1Value= "$Standort // $Abschnitt"
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.CustomField2Title= "ServiceID//Rechnername"
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.CustomField2Value= "$ServiceID // $Rechnername"
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.CustomField3Title= "Linienart"
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.CustomField3Value= $Linienart
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.CustomField4Title= "Leitsystem//BS//VM"
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.CustomField4Value= "LS=$LS // BS=$BS // $VM(x=VM)"
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.CustomField5Title= "Release"
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.CustomField5Value= $Release
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.Domain= $FQDN
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.IP= $Adresse
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.OS= $BS
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.Site= $Standort
$RDPitem.MetaInformation.Serialnumber= "$Release // Daimler: $TserverOKdaimler // Siemens: $TserverOKsiemens // Test: $VerbindungstestTS"

$RDPitem.CredentialConnectionId = "1310CF82-1FAB-1B7A-1EEA-1E2E451CA2CF"

The rest is inherited by the folder.
What cant be inherited is the option to open the RDP connections external --> on the Client machine

Computerspezifische Einstellung >> Anzeige >>>> Extern + Standard

Translated to Englisch:
Computer specific Settings >> View >>>> External + Standard

Could you please tell me the corresponding PS function I could use to set this for each RDP item in my RDM?

Thank you

Clock4 yrs


The object property for setting the RDP connection to external mode in your code snippet would be :

$RDPitem.OpenEmbedded = $False

And to set it to the default monitor :

$RDPitem.DisplayMonitor = "Default"

Best regards

Érica Poirier


Clock4 yrs

Works like a charm!

Thanks a lot

Clock4 yrs