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Video recording

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We've just upgraded to Enterprise, mainly because of a video recording feature added in
So thank you for this, it's a necessity in our work.
I'd like to ask you for a couple advancements (we also use TeamViewer, so it would be a good example).

1. Please add a new source to the list: Session.

Now, when Application is selected, everything is being recorded: session window, menu bar and navigation pane. We use session video recording to prove our customer that such and such action took place (when they refuse to pay...). So, for obvious reasons, I wouldn't like to present a video recording with a navigation pane full of other server entries.

2. Please add an automatic video recording option based on an rdp session start/stop event to a predefined folder with a meaningful filename containing session name, date and time of session's start.
eg: SOMESERVER-Administrator_2016-02-11_12-53.mp4.

Thank you in advance.

Clock4 yrs

I have entered a feature request for the #2. For the first one there is nothing we can do. We are unable to capture only a specific section of the application. I will try to find a solution and implements it if it's possible. I'm aware that this could be really interesting.


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs