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User authenticated successfully but did not belong to the domain

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Devolutions Server: 3.1
RDM: 11.1

We are moving from individual accounts for our users to their AD accounts.

I'm seeing the following error in the Data Source Log File:

----Begin Error
User [username] authenticated successfully but did not belong to the [domain_name] domain.
----End Error
Where [username] is something like "mydomain\john"
and [domain_name] is "mydomain"

The users are getting in, but I worry it is only because the old local user names are the same as the domain accounts... ie the local account was john and the AD account is mydomain\john

Clock4 yrs


On your user management dialog, have you these user accounts for each of your user?


Also, can you create an account by logging in with the web page with the Auto create domain users in database of the Authentication tab of your DVLS settings?

You will then get the exact domain name reported by your AD services. Please refer to Automatic User Account Creation for more information.

Best regards

Érica Poirier


Clock4 yrs

Correct, we would have the users setup like the test1 and downhill\test1

I have not setup automatic AD account creation at this time, but we will be soon.

Clock4 yrs