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PVM and RDM Real Time Monitoring

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I would to know if it's possible to add real time monitoring feature to PVM and RDM.
This supervision could send email/SMS/log information to admin team for following reasons :

  • When an export of database PVM/RDM entry ?
  • When an password PVM entry it’s not strong ?
  • When an password entry is modify/deleted ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Hi Stéphane,

Usage logs are available in SQL Server, Devolutions Server or Devolutions Online Database.

AS for email, we have a feature called Notifications with Devolutions Sever (DVLS) but only with the Platinum edition. At this this time we only support email, no SMS. Emails can be filter and even customized.


Best regards,

Stefane Lavergne


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