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Bring Hyper-V/VMM basic functionality to RDM

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Hi Guys,

Can you bring the Turn Off (on Hyper-V) / Power Off (On VMM), Shutdown (on Hyper-V and VMM), Pause (on Hyper-V and VMM) , Resume (on VMM) , Reset (on VMM), Create CheckPoint (on Hyper-V and VMM) and Connect via console (on Hyper-V) / Connect (On VMM) to RDM as an action section?

Those options could be grayed out by default, but if the user enables the "Is Virtual Machine" they would become available. I thin you would also need to add a field for the VMM or Hyper-v ip.

Right now I have to go to the VMM console or the Hyper-v console to do these basic operations. The other option is to add a powershell subconnectionto to each action for each session.



Clock4 yrs

This could be interesting. I will add a feature request.

David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs