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I work in an environment with about 1500 servers. I frequently get emails and IMs requesting that I look at server xyz. So my workflow is to double click the server name in the email which highlights the entire name and any trailing white space; copy [control-c] the server name from the email; and paste that server into the Quick View dialog box.

Sample message:
Hey Roy can you look at usraciTZ000 and see if there is a problem with the smtp configuration.

The problem is that the Quick View dialog box sees the trailing space as a valid character and attempts to connect a server with a space in the name. The connection attempt then fails, and the Quick View window then closes. I'd like it if the Quick View screen would simply ignore any leading or trailing white space (and not drop an error which requires intervention).

So if I enter "usraciTZ000 ", the quick view dialog box would attempt to connect to "usraciTZ000" with the trailing white space ignored.

Clock7 yrs

Good find, it's now fixed internally, will be available in the next release.

Stefane Lavergne


Clock7 yrs

Wow that was fast. I wish all applications where supported as well as this.

Clock5 yrs