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Login Type falls back to "SqlServer" after changing the domain controller

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We had to Setup new Domain Controllers in our Domain.
on the webserver I changed the "AuthenticationDomainController" Setting in the web.config File to the new DC.
but now I can do what I want, in the DataSource Information. The LoginType stays at "SqlServer".

Did I miss some important steps?

Clock4 yrs


You should not edit the configuration file, our console makes the proper adjustments for you.

The login type of the user will not be adjusted automatically, only new users will be created correctly. When v3.1 of DVLS comes out we would like to have a account converter, but I cant promise anything yet.

To authenticate with domain accounts, you must adjust the instance and specify the domain as well as a domain controller. This is all described in our online documentation.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


Clock4 yrs

Hi Maurice

It's working now. Thanks for your help.


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