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Documents read-only limitation

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Hi Devolutions team,
I have another feature request for you and I'm thinking this one should be rather simple (but then again, I'm not a developer :p). I recently started adding quick-access reference documents within the sites, servers & services folders of our session list. Unfortunately it only seems to provide read-only copies of the documents, and doesn't allow saving the files back to our Sharepoint lists without saving it locally, then manually uploading/replacing the original.
I did a bit of digging and as far as I could tell, this was the solution you provided to someone else in Help forum topic # 21179. I then proceeded to investigate getting it to work on my own - and to my surprise, I was successful. The read-only limitation is native to office when using http/https to open a document, however if you add a webdav option to the "Documents" in RDM, it will allow anyone to edit their documents without having to do the 2 step process detailed above.
As a proof of concept, I did the following which successfully opens any office document from Sharepoint and allows you to save back;
Run command line syntax: Word/Excel/PowerPoint etc <a href="file://\\\\<><@SSL@443 (IF SSL & NON-Standard port)\<SharepointSiteName>\<Sharepoint list name>\<Office document name>"
Example excel doc, with SSL enabled Sharepoint:
excel "\\\IT\Shared Documents\IP Assignment.xlsx"
Example word doc, without SSL enabled sharepoint
word "\\\Personal\Documents\Resume.docx"
Example powerpoint with SSL on non-standard port
POWERPNT "\\\Courses\BCOM201\Introduction.ppt"
***Link to where I found the answer:***
Please note, I did try adding several of the above WevDav paths in the "URL" & "Link to file" options however due to invalid characters, It wouldn't accept the paths.
We have a solution for the time-being so this is pretty low-priority. That being said, it would be nice to have the feature supported natively in RDM at some point.
Thank you,

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Hello Michael,
It seems like a really interesting feature. I will add it to our todo list.

David Hervieux


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Awesome, thank you David


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