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Move Connections to Sub Connections

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It would be nice to be able to move existing connections into sub connections to clean up the UI.

It would also be nice to list an entry as a sub entry for multiple items.


Database\Shared-DB Server

Application\App1 Server
Subconneciton Shared-DB Server

To show that the Application server uses the shared DB server resources.

Or another example

Database\VCenter DB
Application\VCenter Windows Server

VCenter Console
Subconnection VCenter DB
Subconnection VCenter Windows Server

I hope this makes sense. Would make it easy on new administrators. If there is an issue with this Application, look at the supporting servers (subconnections). Making it a link will also allow you to keep the information updated in one location instead of multiple entries.

Clock7 yrs

Sub connection refactoring is already on our todo list. We want to simplify the sub connection management

Thank you

David Hervieux


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This is a great news!

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