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We have the Enterprise version of RDM which lets us store Credential type information inside it. Is this basically the same functionality as PVM has? Is there any reason we'd want to have both programs or would that be redundant? We need something just to store various domain credentials and some web based credentials that we currently have in a spreadsheet and are trying to see if RDM or PVM could do that for us.


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PVM is a subset of features of RDM, you really do not need both products (unless you are subject to a regulation of some sort that would prevent you from storing credentials mixed in with other information).

Our stance on the subject is that Storing Passwords in a secure manner is nice, but if the end user must copy/paste the credentials you lose a lot of the benefits.

RDM allows you to share credentials without the end user knowing the details, its really the best solution IMHO.

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Maurice Côté


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