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Alternate connection details if an add on isn't installed

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We have a mixed environment of PC and Mac users, we primarily use SecureCRT for SSH connections which works great for users of those clients if the computer they are on has SecureCRT installed but if you don't then as you would expect you can't connect.

With the addition of the android and iOS clients which hopefully in the future will have SSH support. It would be really cool if I could add an alternate connection to use if the add on doesn't exist.

For example, we add a SecureCRT entry with all its connection parameters etc, then in another tab add a failover connection option for when the addon application isn't installed to use the built in SSH client.

This would mean once the mobile clients support SSH we could interchangeably use any client to connect to a service that requires an add on provided we configure a valid alternative option, without needing to create 2 of every device. If this is already a feature and I haven't found it yet then please let me know.


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In the Windows Edition, we have many ways to achieve this.

We do have an Alternate hosts feature in the session properties, it just cascades until it works.

My personal preference would be to use Host entries with templates. We could also use Folders of the server type, and use variables in children session for each type.

Our mobile clients do no have all of these features yet, can you share with us which one your are using primarly?

Maurice Côté


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Hi Maurice,

Thanks for the reply,

I have tested using sub connections but if the addon is not installed it wont let you double click on the top level entry, alternatively if the addon is installed but not the software you get a popup asking for the software location and if you click cancel / ignore it just closes the window and nothing happens.

Basically unless the addon and software are installed you cannot use the top level, you need to expand it and click on the sub connection. The same applies for our Mac Users.

In regards to the mobile client, I primarily use iOS but others use Android, on iOS I am unable to use it for anything at all to be honest, RDP doesnt work and neither does SSH, the app's detail in the store says it does Microsoft RDP but connected to Devolutions Server I cannot initiate any of my RDP sessions. Not sure if android has the same problem.

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In Regards to RDP on iOS, just found a post in the iOS forum saying that its not enabled in the public version yet and will be coming in a later release so thats ok.

Either way it would be cool if the client on all platforms could failover to a sub connection if an addon isnt installed or not supported, without prompting the user.

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