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RDM/Devolutions Server Across multiple Domains

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We have an instance of Devolutions Server and RDM in Domain A. A two way trust exists between Domain A and Domain B.
We would like to users in Domain B to be able to open the RDM database using their day to day logon credentials and access servers in Domain B via password stored in their personal password vaults. The ability to open the RDM database should be managed by Active Directory groups in Domains A and B.
Speaking to our local RDM administrator I have been told that this is not possible as RDM does not allow cross forest authentication.
Please can you let me know if this is possible or if it is feature you would consider adding?

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Its about half done, its going to be part of DVLS 3.1

Sadly I cannot provide more detailed dates as to a potential release.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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Thank you. We will wait until the release of DVLS 3.1

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