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Run Macros/Scripts/Tools etc. with personal user from My Account

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The Macros/Scripts/Tools etc. within the Dashboard of for example a RDP session are great but if the user with which I started the tool does not have the proper rights to things happen.
1. UAC gets triggered
2. Caused by the UAC I do have to type in the proper credentials
It is nice but would also be great if it would be possible to just choose i.e. my personal account Settings from my private vault to use those tools. I am aware that this might not be possible due to restrictions of the Windows UAC.

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Have you tried to enable the Use custom credentials or Use my personal credentials in the Tools section of your RDP session?


Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

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Hi Jean,
I tried but while i.e. using the Eventlog still UAC gets triggered as expected and trying the PowerTools just leaves with an error that proper permissions are not available. For the PowerTools sake I already opened a feature request so it is possible to use different credentials or just the personal ones.

Kind regards

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