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Better viewing and handling with UltraVNC Connection / Parameter -autoscaling

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I have VNC Connection Entry
Use UltraVNC
Parameter "-autoscaling -shared"

In general settings i choosed "External" and "Primary" monitor.

Now Remote Desktop Manager takes the screen from the remote computer (e.g. 2 monitors) and resize it to maximum in my primary monitor.
So the remote screen is very tiny and i can read nothing.

I think there are 3 possible options to do it better.
1. Option: In general settings there should be an possibility to choose eg. primary+secondary or e.g. primary+secondary+third
2. Option:
- If remote desktop manager know: "Hey the remote are 2 monitors, i resize to 2 monitors else i resize to 1 monitor"
- If remote desktop manager know: "Hey the remote are 3 monitors, i resize to 3 monitors if possible else i resize two 2 monitors an so on."
3. Option: In VNC settings i can choose via a dropdown menue: "Resize to 1 monitor" / "Resize to 2 monitors" / "Resize to 3 monitors"

An last but not least:
There should be an batch mode option to copy the vnc paramter line from one entry to all others vnc entries.
This option is greyed out in batch edit.

Clock4 yrs

I'm not sure that we can do anything for this in the UltraVNC type. We don't have the control on the code for UltraVNC since it's driven by UltraVNC.

Have you tried the default VNC? We might be missing some feature but this is our implementation. This means that we can modify the code and enhance it.


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs