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HiDPI support for screen resolutions larger than FHD

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The title says it all - I recently installed RDM on a Bootcamp Windows 10, and saw that there's no support for font scaling - any zoom percentage (I tried 150, 175 and 200) will show blurred text (I'll include a few screenshots as soon as I'll be in office later). That's too bad, since many high-level ultrabooks come with QHD+ screens, and even Windows 10 started playing nice with HiDPI!
Will you plan to release a more high-resolution friendly version, maybe still in the 11.x branch?


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Hello Marco,
This is something that we have on our todo list but it's not a simple task with all the screen that we have. We hope to do something about that after the release of RDM 11.

Sorry about that.

David Hervieux


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