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PVM and Browser extentions with multiple logins

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We have just bought PVM and are having some trouble to set it up. Hopefully someone here can help us solve our problem.

We have to save different information about customers who are hosted on same site but do have a subsite also for specific for the customer. We will have over 500 sessions like this

Link is build up like this:

The problem is that when we open the URL, we are presented with the browser "Session List", where we have to select the right customer again. It seems like extension is matching on the "server" but not the whole website link.

I thought maybe using regular expression might work, but we are not able to make it work.

Could someone help us on this issue?

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Are all your REGEX expressions resulting in a unique match ? Can you include an example?

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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The problem is that I am not sure how to use regex in this case.
The url's is built up in the same way, with only COSTUMER part v
Is different for each login

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