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user specific VPN name and connection preferences

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I found similar requests for this in the forum, but not exactly the same.

We'd like the ability to override the VPN connection name. Ex. One user creates a Windows VPN connection on their computer for Client A called "Client A", and another user creates the same connection on their computer called "Client A VPN"... since the names do not match up the connection only works the user with name that matches whats in RDM. I suppose we could train the users to look in RDM first and make sure they create a connection with the same name, but it would be nice if it was possible in RDM.

We've also found that different users have different VPN connection preferences. Some want the VPN to connect automatically if ping fails, others want to do it manually. It would be nice if this was could be overridden in the user specific settings.

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I will enter a feature request for that.

David Hervieux


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