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1.08 Review/Summary/Faetures

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Here is some notes about 1.08 Beta.I am trying to use the app in production mode so here are main things I noticed,sorted by importance(IMHO)


Touchpad mode implementation as per

Without this mode the application is basically not usable.Please implement ASAP


VNC command arguments still don't work which basically makes VNC connections unusable


Ability to get "abc" keyboard when in horizontal screen orientation

Again, lack of this feature makes using rdp sessions really hard


Ability to run connections with single click (against clicking on three dots and selecting "open")


Ability to browse for data source file (XML file)

It would be nice to have some kind of simple GUI file browser to point to xml file


Slow start

On my Galaxy Nexus it takes good 5-10 seconds just to start.
Being field IT support tech I need to open the app quite often and it is a bit annoying to wait 10 second every time ;-)


Make master Password optional

I fully understand reason for password but it would be nice if I could decide myself if I need it or not.

Many, many thanks

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Hello Yuri,
First of all we want to thank you for all your feedback. We will release next week the final version of RDM Android but don't worry if you don't see all your request implemented for the final version.

We want to release the version 1 to everybody. However our 4 developers will continue to work on the next update (to be released the next month).

David Hervieux


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