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Password Generator Enhancement

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Allow a specific number of passwords to be generated i.e. 52 passwords etc... Allow the selection of all of the passwords to copy to the clipboard for entering into a csv for bulk user password resets via powershell script.

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Hello Bret,
It a good idea. I will add a a feature request for that.

What format should we use for the copy to clipboard:

password1, password2, ...
password1 password2...


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs

Perhaps there should be several options, including an export to several file formats?

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Next version of RDM beta will allow you to generate a specified amount of passwords as well as select multiple ones out of the list. When you copy them to clipboard using the button, it will copy with format "password1, password2, password3" etc. If you have any specific way to format the copy you'd like to see, please tell us.


Hubert Mireault


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