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VMware console - host performance stats

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will there be a tab where we can see the simple VMware host performance stats?
This would be fine (PowerCLI script):
Get-VMHost -Name <Esx> |
Select Name,
@{N='CPU GHz Capacity';E={[math]::Round($_.CpuTotalMhz/1000,2)}},
@{N='CPU GHz Used';E={[math]::Round($_.CpuUsageMhz/1000,2)}},
@{N='CPU GHz Free';E={[math]::Round(($_.CpuTotalMhz - $_.CpuUsageMhz)/1000,2)}},
@{N='Memory Capacity GB';E={[math]::Round($_.MemoryTotalGB,2)}},
@{N='Memory Used GB';E={[math]::Round($_.MemoryUsageGB,2)}},
@{N='Memory Free GB';E={[math]::Round(($_.MemoryTotalGB - $_.MemoryUsageGB),2)}}
@{N='datastore Capacity GB';E={[math]::Round($_.StorageUsageGB,2)}},
@{N='datastore Used GB';E={[math]::Round($_.StorageUsageGB,2)}},
@{N='datastore Free GB';E={[math]::Round(($_.StorageUsageGB - $_.MemoryUsageGB),2)}}

edited by VS on 9/1/2015

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I will add this to the same enhancement request. It's a good idea.

David Hervieux


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Thank you David

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