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Password issue results in force quit

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Hello and Good day;

I've been experiencing a peculiar problem that I would like to get some help on.

O/S - Yosemite (latest update)
16GB Ram
256GB EVO primary drive (Samsung)
128GB PRO secondary drive (Samsung)
RDM 2.5.4 (Enterprise licence)
Dual monitors, multiple desktops (virtual) x 10

Issue - consistent, no variation.

Open program, select target and open;
Mistype password (FYI - strong, phrase, greater than 20 characters);

  • RDM notifies of incorrect password and returns to original post open/pre connect log in dialogue;
  • Part way through re-entering of the password;
    • RDM password dialogue disappears;
    • RDM password dialogue is not visible anywhere else;
    • RDM password dialogue cannot be found by app cycling or hiding visible/open apps;
    • Quit option is not available (greyed out);
    • No other machines/items/actions available from dashboard.
The net result is that the only way to gain access after this sequence of events is to Force Quit and start over.
I have noticed, however, if I hit the escape key before attempting to retype the password, and then 'open' the target computer again, the above sequence does not occur and I am able to proceed as usual.
Any possible ideas or is there something that I'm missing?
Thank you,

Berold B

Clock5 yrs

This really look like a bug. I have assigned this to our QA for investigation.


David Hervieux


Clock5 yrs


What type of session are you trying to open?
Is it possible for you to record a video showing your issue? It would help me a lot in order to reproduce it.

Best regards,

Jean-Philippe Charest


Clock5 yrs