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RDP open embedded tab unable to navigate in all entries

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I'm really like using rdp connection open in embedded tab.

But i think a good feature to add is to be able to navigate in all entries to search a password to login to the server. Because the navigation of all entries is freeze until you log into the server.

See print screen.

It's possible?


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Unfortunately I'm not sure we can fix this. The UI thread is blacked by the Microsoft ActiveX. However I really understand the problem and I will try to find a solution.

David Hervieux


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Our RDM is built for quite the opposite. You can have the system prompt you for which credentials to use prior to launching the session. You can:

  • In the sessions, you select "Credential repository", then "prompt on connection"
  • In the dashboard, to change the way the session is opened in an ad hoc fashion, you see Open (Select credential Entry) and Open (prompt for credentials)

These are existing solutions that work really well for most scenarios

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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ok thanks

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