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Hi Guys!

It has been a long time since my last activity, a lot of things has been changed and I've not been able to follow all these changes.
Many things are just great, the old once and new things as well! In the past I said good job David, now I say good job Devolutions Team!
Congratulations for this amazing product and this amazing fast-growing company!

I've just seen this amazing clear and well looking screenshot of RDM for iOS, but please don't forget RDM for windows:
Context menu
Please reorganize the everything and bring it into a clear structure. Why do we need to entries for copy password?
Why do we need "properties" and "Edit entry”?


Session/Entry types
Mixture of credentials, users, groups, folders and connections. Why do we need so much different connection types while 50% of them share 90% or more equal fields? Please consider to restructure your entry types. I have no clue, how to choose the right entry type/structure. Me personally would prefer a structure like "data entry" some few basic fields and more specific fields can be added later on by checking different connection type checkboxes (like Account, bank information, Email Account etc. in data entry).

Keyboard control
Please add underlined chars to each menu entry and each label to enable "ALT + underlined char" keyboard control
Please correct the tab-order for each dialog, usually you jump with tab to the next field to the right or below. within RDM there is often no structure available - mostly due to later added options/input fields. For example:

for the General box - the tabs goes first down and then to the 2nd column - that’s fine. but then it goes from "company address" "city" and so on to the bottom instead of the left "Email", "home phone" etc...


Connection comment
Focus is on connection comment, if I press tab on my keyboard, the focus jumps to "name" which absolutely makes no sense! Instead, "Last comment" or "OK" would make sense.

Please add further commands to the dashboards left side: copy Username, Copy host, copy password or the ability to run some scripts/macros/tools and I would love to be able to organize these tiles like in windows 10 start screen. Furthermore, the right side is very empty as well. Why not adding there some further details that are usually just visible within the pinned details at the bottom. The disadvantage of the pinned details at the bottom is that it grabs space for remote session:


Hopefully you don't think what the hell, what going wrong with him - it probably seems to be a log of critic. Yes it is a lot of feedback and a big wish list and I know this would require tremendous work. However, I think it would push your amazing RDM to the next level smile

All the best,
edited by Xanacas on 8/20/2015

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I will try explain some design that we have and comments on your suggestion.

#1 Context menu: this is complicated because we get request to have the Copy Password at the top because that the most used feature. You have to remember that some people minimize the menu and the dashboard.

#2 Edit vs Properties. I have added the Properties menu at the end to follow the Microsoft style. I agree that I could remove the Edit Entry and just keep the Properties.

#3 Please send me an email if you see a screen where the tab order is wrong. It's much easier if you have a print screen to help. I have entered a bug for Contact and Connection Comment. This will be fixed quickly

#4 Dashboard: I will see what I can do and verify if we can make it customizable. I have to be honest it's a basic UI and we don't use any third party for the tile.

Thank you for you feedback.

PS: Don't worry we continue to work hard on the Windows version but it will be really nice to have RDM for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android at the same time. We have 4 different teams and everything is built in parallel.

David Hervieux


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One basic change we could do for the context menu would be to create Node called "Edition"

We could move many menus into to simplify the main context menu. For example the Delete, Batch Edit, Edit User Specific Settings, Rename, Move, Favorite

David Hervieux


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#1 context menu: probably you could add some settings to hide entries that are not used. I would hide export,import, expand and collaps and probably many more.
#3 will do so. "VPN Settings", "purchase" "advanced session settings", "session settings- more - user interface" are not well sorted for tab-use
#3.2 what about ALT+ underlined letter/char?

Clock4 yrs

I have entered a feature request to customize the context menu. We already have fixed many tab order issues in the application. The 3.2 is a little bit tricky because of the translation. I will see what I can do.

David Hervieux


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I found another entry that is two times available in the context menu:

Clock4 yrs

I will release another beta today and you will see that I did some changes.


David Hervieux


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