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No password prompt when opening application

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We have setup PVM with Azure. The data source security settings have these set:

Force application security with Google Authenticator
Lock Application when minimized
Lock on Idle

We noticed when first opening the application when it isn't already opened, it will prompt for the Google Authenticator key, which is great. However after that it goes right into the database without prompting for a user password. This way a person can simply close the program in the background, open the application and login with ONLY Google Authenticator. I feel this defeats the purpose of 2-factor authentication since there is no second prompt for a user password.

On the other hand, when the application is minimized, or idles, and brought back onto the screen, it will prompt for the Google Authenticator key AND the user password.

What do we need to change so there is a prompt for GA and the user password when the application is opened? Is there a setting we are missing?

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