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Any way to import folders?

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We are evaluating PVM to take over our current password manager Keepass. Over time our Keepass database has grown to having folders with a few subfolders to help with organization. Is there any way we can export/import from Keepass to PVM so the folder structure is kept in tact? I have tried exporting as csv and importing as Keepass CSV in PVM but it doesn't keep the folder structure. I don't see any other import options specific to Keepass in KVM.
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Hello Arash Shokouh,

You have exported your Keepass entries in a cvs file. If you edit this file, you will see that your folders are not present. Because Keepass doesn't export your folders, PVM cannot import them.

You would need to export your folders separately. Select one folder and create a CSV with this folder as example.

After, you import each csv in the appropriate folder in PVM. You would need to create your folder in PVM prior to the import.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

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Thanks for the reply Jean. That was my plan B.

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