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Add "Open Session and Prompt Monitor choise"

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I have 2 monitor and often I need to open 2 different session.
I need to open 1 session in primary monitor and another session in secondary monitor.

Now i need to configure multiple entry. One for primary and one for secondary.
If you add an option to open session in secondary i can create only one entry.

Can you add thi feature? wink

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We have workflows for that already, you can use the Open with a template dashboard action, and in that template you specify to use the second monitor.

Is this something that you consistently do?

You can also use Host entries, they allow you to choose the template upon launching. But you have to choose every time.

Maurice Côté


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Hi Maurice,
and thanks for reply.
I have search but I can't find "Open with a template" option.
I have try to search on internet but I unable to find useful information.
I use the free version.

Now i use the Host entries but I don't like this option.
Open with a template can be the right option but I cant find it.

Thanks again and have a nice day.

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Hi Roberto,

The Open with template feature is available in the Enterprise Edition of RDM.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

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