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Multi-domain support

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I noticed (as the curious technician I am :p) the most recent changelog stating "added multi-domains support". However, I cannot seem to find any updated information or documentation about it. We currently use AD-authentification with our own domain users.
Sounds very interesting as we are currently working on separate internal domains for tightening security.
Any light to shed? smile

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Its good to know that this attracts attention wink

The previous release could not accept users from other domains, even if they were trusted. The complete implementation will be in version 3.0.0 that we'll release in sept-oct. We will be adding features regularly until that time.

This release was about adding a user from a trusted domain, but you will have to assign rights to the user account directly.

Next release, we hope to be able to attach a Role to an AD "Universal group" that holds member of multiple domains.

If you have suggestions, now is the perfect time because we are currently designing our final integration.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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Configuring multi-domain in version 10.6.3 enterprise


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