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Locked application - lost password

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Hi there;

It looks as though I'm either losing my memory or I've found a bug/issue.

I've been using the most recent Mac version of the RDM Enterprise and up until now, this was not locked. I use it on a daily basis to connect to Windows computers that I manage/administer in remote locations.

This morning I had to "force quit" the program, it was hanging and I did not want to wait any longer, and now I'm being asked for a password to get in to the application.

The problem with this is that I did not set a password for RDM on this machine.

  • Has this happened to anyone else before;
  • How can I fix it.

Clock5 yrs

What data source type do you use?

David Hervieux


Clock5 yrs

That's a good question. What I can tell you is that I'm not using anything on-line or SQL based.

Clock5 yrs

Hi BeroldB,

Can you send me a screen shot of the login screen you get?

I just want to make sure the login is for the app and not the data source.

Thank you

Benoît Sansregret


Clock5 yrs

Hello Benoit.

Don't worry about this one any more. I needed to get some time sensitive work done so I removed the app, using AppCleaner, and installed a new version.

All I need to do now is to remember to export my configuration when I add/delete/change it so that I don't have to set everything up by hand, again.



Clock5 yrs