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RDM Mac idle sessions timeout

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My issue is in the title of this post -- and I can't find any setting that disables idle session timeout.

How can I set RDM Mac to not time out remote RDP sessions? RDM Windows doesn't seem to have this problem.

Clock5 yrs


I don't see any idle session time out and I've been testing on two servers here for a few hours and my sessions were never closed. Maybe something else is closing your sessions.

We are working on adding debug features to helps us diagnosed these kind of situations. Let me come back to you when they are available for you.

Thank you for your feedback

Benoît Sansregret


Clock5 yrs

Hi again,

It was suggested to me that your timeout might be on the servers you are connecting to or, if your are using one, the gateway server. You might want to check those 2 places.

People from FreeRDP confirmed to me that there is no idle session time out on the FreeRDP client.

Hope it helps

Benoît Sansregret


Clock5 yrs

Attached is a screenshot showing that the RD Gateway connection authorization policy is set to timeout after seven hours.

RDM Mac is disconnecting much sooner than that -- I think within about an hour.


Clock5 yrs