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A couple of setup questions

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I am about to setup this product for our server group and I have a couple of questions.

Step 7: For authentication. Is this a Service account that is running the application or us authenticating against the application(AD) to see if we have privileges to launch it? For the domain server, are we just pointing to a LDAP/DC server?

Step 9: What do the email settings for this do? Is this asking to use an account for exchange? Is this asking for a SMTP server to bounce off against, and if so, what would I use for the usr/pwd?


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Hi Chadd,
Step 7: the server runs on IIS and it's the IIS account which is used for authentication. The domain server you can enter the name or the IP to authenticate the users

Step 9: the email settings are used to send you the error message. It requires a smtp configuration.

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs