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Would it be possible to use collapsible window panes for the different layouts? Currently, I have the Sessions Pane on the left-hand side of the screen. It would be nice if it would collapse once a device was selected. If this could be turned on or off with an option, that would be great. Currently, I use SolarWinds software, and their windows have a thumbtack that you can click on to "tack" that window open in the current location. If you un-tack it, the window opens when the cursor scrolls over it and then collapses once the cursor leaves that window. No big deal really, just a really nice touch.


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Thank you for your comments, I will try to enhance the UI in the version 6.0. I take note of every suggestion and I will try to add more ui option soon.

David Hervieux
Devolutions inc.

David Hervieux


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