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Better search functionality

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At the moment the application lacks good search functionality.

We would like to be able to search on multiple properties like "Session Type", "Session Name", "Descriptions", "Folder" (or search subfolders), and similar. Just like you have in Windows (Particularly the old search functionality).

From here it would return folders, sessions, credentials, or whatever. Then allow us to select them, and edit them, and particularly do a Batch Edit.

At the moment, if I want to do this, I have to "filter" on a single broad term, then I need to go through each line and to do a batch edit, I hold control and click each relevant session. It's extremely annoying.

I see this as necessary core functionality, however maybe I get this problem more than others, since I'm working with about 10 different session types, and hundreds of different sessions.



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I see what you mean. For now I have small workaround: try to use the tag/keyword. You could add a keyword for each session type and use it in the filter:

David Hervieux


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Then you will be able to search via keywords or tags?

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Yeah, then you can search via those. It's not a great solution, and doesn't quite help.

We got around the 'connection type search' by ensuring that the connection type eg. "RDP", "VNC", and "FTP", were written in the name of the connection. This had the added benefit of the connections being consistently sorted.

When we had it as...
- Machine1.domain
-- Machine1
-- Machine1
-- Machine1
- Machine2.domain
-- Machine2
-- Machine2
-- Machine2

Where the first one was an FTP, the second one was an RDP, the third one was a Windows Share. All of which had been imported from other systems, we found that the ordering of the Machine1's connections could be completely different to the ordering of Machine2's connections. This was very annoying when you've got so many of these connections, and the system you imported them from didn't maintain other details.

This was even more annoying having to search for them, and then edit them. As there was no connecting information to filter on, and at the time (a few versions ago, but might be the same situation today), there was no way to batch edit those connections, making it a slow manual process to change.

Note: Not sure if the sorting and batch editing with variables (like changing the name from "Machine1" and "Machine2" to "%Name% RDP" which changes their name to "Machine1 RDP" and "Machine2 RDP") has changed or not.

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