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Hey guys,
I have been looking through the documentation, but I haven't yet encountered anything about how the security of Offline Mode works. Obviously, a concern is that administrators could become so dependent on this software that should the infrastructure that supports it (in my case SQL) that we are in real trouble if we need to access the content to fix the problem to access content :-)

To answer that question, I see a few solutions
1. automatic database replication to a 2nd environment and set that up as a secondary datasource within PVM
2. do periodic exports within PVM to some format (your export to HTML is pretty nice)
3. configure PVM to allow offline read-only mode

Probably, doing all three will be the likely answer, but I know I will get asked about how the security works for #3. We plan to force two-factor authentication (Google Auth) with PVM. Should a laptop get lost or stolen that has PVM installed with local data access enabled, what kind of protections are in place? I am sure it is locally encrypted - I just need to find something that talks about this scenario to assure upper management and auditors.

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I'm afraid the only documentation for that is on

You must use Enhanced Security for higher security.

In Administration - Data source settings, you can also change the lifetime of the offline file. It is 7 days by default.

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