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Ability to Send Notifications during Session Connect/Disconnect

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I was wondering, has there been any interest in adding an emailing function to RDM?

More specifically, I'm trying to set up a session so when a user initiates a connection to a specific server, they are required to input a comment (explaining the purpose for connecting) and then that comment would be included in an email to the server's administrator (or anyone else), where the sending/receiving addresses are included in the session properties. If nothing is entered or the prompt closed, the connection is denied.

As it stands right now, I've managed the emailing piece via VBScript, but that's been a bit cumbersome. I noticed that I can force a prompt for comment during connecting (session properties >> Logs), which is awesome, but the comment is just added to the Logs and there aren't any global variables that tie back to it for scripting (that I've found).

The overall goal is to add just that little extra layer of transparency / "paper trail", sort of an instant notification of a connection, something that goes beyond the already enabled logging/auditing on either end of the session. I'm more than open to suggestions if there's another way of going about this!

On another note, RDM has made my life 100 times easier, so keep up the great work!


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We are putting a lot of efforts in Devolutions Server. It will have a notification engine in the next release which should come out around summer time.

We chose to put this only in Devolutions Server because its the only topology that is in fact a layer between the client application and the database. It is a process that runs on a server and that we can easily extend.

Our licensing scheme for Devolutions Server will also change soon. You will be able to get it as an Add-on to the client application licenses that you require. It will be cheaper for the customers that do not require a Global license.

Hopefully it will be a combination that is of use to you.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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