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Expect style macros

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Hello. What I would love to see is expect style macros for use in RDM. I basically use RDM for SSH sessions and many times I find the need to do something on the host prior to actually using the connection or using something supplemental before I get a command prompt. Most of the time it's dealing with SSH into another server for whatever reason. Also it would be great if using credentials for the macro that you could pull the name and password from the credential library in RDM rather than using the password entry in the macro entry itself.

So somethign along the lines of:

set timeout 60

ssh <a href="mailto:$CREDENTIAL_LIB_USER$@$CREDENTIAL_LIB_USER$@<hostname>

expect "assword: "



A pulldown in the macro would allow you to select with credential entry to pull from.

Of course this can be used for may other things but that's the first thing that comes to mind. Also too it might aliviate the issues with having to use delays since you're waiting for a expected output.

Something to think about.



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I will enter a feature request but the problem is often related to the security.

David Hervieux


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