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Validate with Dropbox does not work

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Hi, running RDM Enterprise.
Trying to add a Dropbox datasource, that was successfully created on a different system.

When I click authenticate with Dropbox, nothing happens.
If I click ok I get a message that I need to validate, if I click cancel or try to close the window nothing happens.
The only way to escape is to terminate the process.

I tried using the latest released version, and the latest Beta version
Running on Win 8.1 x64

Any ideas?
Any way I can just open the XML file directly, i.e. why do I need to connect to dropbox if the file is already synced, the client can just monitor it for changes and reload?


Clock5 yrs

We have assigned this issue to one of our dev. He should get back to you soon. It seems that something has changed in the DropBox API.
edited by dhervieux on 5/6/2015

David Hervieux


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For now you could try the "Manual authentication" in the "Advanced" tab.
Just check it and then try "Validate with DropBox".
You may encounter some errors but you should be able to authenticate.
Meanwhile I will investigate to see what could have been changed in this API.
Best regards,

André Sanscartier


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