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Create Cluster tree RDP

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it's possible to create a cluster tree using RDP connection.

See the attachement as an exemple.

Create a group folder but to be able to double clic on the Folder Cluster to open a RDP connection. Below you have the two servers nodes. But we would like to open a RDP connection on the cluster name not on node1 or node2 using the virtual name of the cluster.

I hope you understand my resquest!


Clock5 yrs


The Cluster node can be a RDP connection itself, the nodes being sub-connections.

An alternate way would be to have another child to your cluster, but you would use the $COMPUTER_HOST$ to obtain the information from the parent folder

Sub connections prevent the use of Batch edit, so I steer clear of them unless I absolutely must use them. Do you mind having another RDP session below the folder?

Maurice Côté


Clock5 yrs

Thanks for your help. Sub connections is the best options for us.

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So create a RDP entry that corresponds to your node.

Use Refactoring - Parent to move the Node1 and Node2 sessions below the node session.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


Clock5 yrs