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Option to copy/move sessions, and make it a Sub Connection under a current session(Vice Versa)

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I was thinking about re-structuring our RDM tree.
We have many web-sessions that are grouped inside groups individually, but I would like to move/convert many of these sessions to Sub Connection under there respective server session.
This way I can avoid having to re-create all of them individually.
After this I would create short-cuts to the Sub-Connections inside new groups.

1. As it is now(AFAICS), you cannot copy/move a connection and make it a Sub Connection under a current connection.
2. As it is now(AFAICS), you cannot copy/move a Sub Connection and make it a normal connection.

Would it be possible to make these options available in RDM?
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I never use sub-connections myself since they prevent the use of batch edit. I always use folders of the SERVER sub-type, then use the $COMPUTER_IP$ or $COMPUTER_HOST$ variables to obtain the info from the parent folder.

That being said, you can use the Refactoring commands, Parent or Un-Parent to achieve your goal.

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Maurice Côté

Customers that use Devolutions Server are provided free remote sessions for performing upgrades. Please send a request to the Devolutions Service Desk to get the process started.


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Ok. It's going to take a while, but I can work with the Refactoring option.
Thank you @Maurice


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